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Super XTS 2 Pipe Band Snare Drum

Customer Reviews

“The factory settings on the drum are excellent. The pitch compliments the pitch of modern Great Highland Bagpipes very well. Myself and other members in the drumcorps were shocked to learn there was only a top snare. You would never know from listening to the drum.”
Loy Donaldson - Crow Creek Pipes and Drums

“I took both drums to The British Legion and Gareth played one and I played the other. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it made; I could march in a straight line without wobbling all over the place and could swing the drum easily to my side when dismissing. I am so grateful that I found out about you and your wonderful lightweight drums - worth every penny!”
Brenda Lee - South Cheshire Pipe Band

“My pipe band has enjoyed carrying Flint drums for three years with no problems whatsoever! Their light weight and great sound make our drum corps a joy to march in!”
Dave Parent, Drum Sergeant, St Andrews Pipe Band of Vermont U.S.A.
Brief History of the Marching Drum

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