Our Story

At Flint Percussion, we understand that at the very centre of every drum is the shell and getting the drum shell to perform at its absolute best has been the driving force behind all of our designs from the day we started in May 2005.

Allowing drum shells to fully resonate 100% was always the goal for us as we see so many other drums that are stifled by hardware and bracketry attached to the drum shell, and others that include a large heavy suspension hoop that forms part of the shell.

We have developed the ‘Suspended Shell’ system which means that all our drums are constructed with no external hardware contacting and dampening the shell and the elimination of the heavy suspension hoop. This is achieved by first building our unique drum shell and then constructing a free cage around it.

As a result, Flint drums are different from all other drums in the way that they are constructed, tensioned and look. Added to this is the fact that our marching drums are by far the lightest in the world.

All Flint drums are hand-built at our base in England meaning that individual and personal care is taken with every drum. We pride ourselves on meeting all customisation demands whether this is for one drum or a full corps.

Listen to the videos in the following pages and hear the amazingly sharp and bright sound that our snare drums achieve.