Welcome to the official website of Flint Percussion.
Here is our story.

At Flint Percussion we have always believed that at the beating heart of every drum is the resonating chamber. The more this chamber can be allowed to breathe, the better the sound produced. In order for this to be achieved, the drum shell has to be free from fittings as much as possible.

In 2005 we designed the ‘Suspended Shell’ system of drum construction and tensioning.

This unique system allows for ‘through the shell’ tensioning and we can even apply this to High Tension drums.
This system means that our drums can be constructed with no external hardware such as lugs etc making contact with the shell,  which would otherwise tend to dampen shell resonance.

Flint drums are different from all other drums in the way that they are constructed, tensioned and look. They are also the lightest in the World.

All Flint drums are hand-built at our base in England meaning that individual and personal care is taken with every drum. We pride ourselves on meeting all customisation demands whether this is for one drum or a full corps.

Watch and listen to the videos in the following pages and hear the amazingly sharp and bright sound that our snare drums achieve.