Flint Double Sided Practice Pad

Designed with a special rubber compound on one side producing a 'high tension' response, with the second side having a neoprene surface producing a 'standard tension' feel. Helps to develop speed, precision and power for drummers of all ability.


Flint Standard Drum Bag

Full size £35.00

Flint Pipe Band Drumsticks

These new sticks from Flint Percussion have been designed in conjunction with a leading grade 1 pipe band snare drummer. They are 402mm in length and weigh around 55 grams each and have a very easy feel to them. An initial comment from a grade 1 drummer has been "I'm in love with these sticks, I just can't put them down".

402mm long. £12.50

Flint 'Compact' Drum Bag

7" depth £30.00