Bass & Tenor Drums

Tenor Drum

Prices start at £389.

The tenor drum is constructed using the suspended shell system and is the lightest in the world. It has aluminium hoops and a wooden drum shell and is constructed using only the lightest materials.

This drum employs reduced depth hoops and has titanium tension bolts and aluminium tension nuts for maximum resonance and reduced weight.

It is available in 16″ diameter, and 12″ deep. The 12″ depth allows faster transfer of energy from head to shell.

Bass Drum

Prices starting at £750.

The bass drum is constructed using the suspended shell system.

It employs Flint ‘Claw’ hoops which are both lightweight and give total control of the drum skin.

It makes use of Titanium tension rods and aluminium tensioning nuts.

It is available in diameters of 24″ and 28″ with a drum shell depth of 14″.

The unique construction with suspended shell means that both heads are always at equal tension.